ICC Government Relations Chapter Monthly Update - DECEMBER 2019

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Online voting on Group B code proposals ends at midnight, Pacific Time, on Friday, December 6

The Online Governmental Consensus Vote (OGCV) is now open, which means this is your opportunity to vote and have your voice be heard on the codes we use. All validated voters are urged to log into cdpACCESS and vote on all the codes. The code development process needs all of your voices to be heard on these proposals. The OGCV closes at 12 midnight Pacific Time on December 6, 2019. David Spencer, CBO, building official for Chelan County, Wash., and International Code Council Board Director speaks to the importance of the voting process and how to get involved with cdpACCESS. "You should look at the things that are important to you, your jurisdiction, even your chapter and make the appropriate votes through cdpACCESS."

The leaders of all six ICC Membership Councils plus the Major Jurisdiction Committee signed resolutions urging all ICC members who are validated to vote on the Group B proposals to do so.

New Code Council Chapter benefit provides website hosting service to enhance communications

There’s a new chapter benefit – a modern website hosting service that you can personalize with your specific information and resources. The Code Council has partnered with KWSM, a premier digital marketing agency, to work with you to personalize your template. KWSM will also provide regular maintenance to the website and minor changes as needed. Based on a survey of chapter presidents earlier this year, we know that you're excited to jump in and use this new feature. To learn more, please see the following:

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting Karla Higgs at or 1-888-ICC-SAFE x5268. You can also read more here.

Michelle Britt, Code Council’s Director of Energy Programs, takes on questions about 2018 IECC

The Building Safety Journal recently featured a Question/Answer article about the International Energy Conservation Code, provided by Michelle Britt, Director of Energy Programs. The column we addresses typical questions asked of the Code Council’s technical support team. As always, code opinions issued by International Code Council staff are based on published Code Council codes and do not include local, state or federal codes; policies; or amendments. Click to read the column. The IECC is also the subject of another white paper, titled The Important Role of Energy Codes in Achieving Resilience.” The document follows another white paper issued in October, titled “Resilience Contributions of the International Building Code.” The conclusion defines the value of energy codes to communities and building owners: “From their initial creation through today, building energy codes have played a major role in reducing the impacts of adverse events. Before, during and after disasters building energy codes influence both individual and community capacity to withstand and bounce back from such events. As policymakers consider approaches that enhance resilience, energy codes should be a cornerstone.”

Deadline extended to December 15 to join ICC Exam Development Committee on Green Construction

If you have experience with the IgCC and ASHRAE 189.1 and are passionate about commercial green construction, you now have the chance to shape the development of a new ICC National Certification exam. But hurry – the closing date for receipt of application has been extended to December 15, 2019.

Immediate openings are available on an Exam Development Committee (EDC) that will develop an exam based on the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) that now includes content from ASHRAE 189.1. This soon-to-be-named exam will cover current construction practices for green building professionals, including designers, architects, contractors, and more. Click to read more or contact us at 888-422-7233, ext. 5524 or at

FEMA issues 2019 National Preparedness Report highlights enforcement of most up-to-date codes

The just published National Preparedness Report highlights successes and challenges across FEMA's five mission areas, including the Agency's assessment that: "Many states and territories still have outdated building codes despite evidence that updating and enforcing codes lead to mitigation-related savings." The Report goes on to note that "upfront investments in stronger buildings can help communities save money and recover more quickly when disasters strike." The report covers the diverse range of disaster preparedness challenges, from terrorism and active shooter incidents, to cyber attacks, to natural disasters, as well as how stakeholders across the nation are using preparedness grant funding to invest in preparedness improvements. Click here for the Executive Summary and click here for the full report.

U.S. House of Representatives passes bill requiring disaster recovery funds adhere to latest codes

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Reforming Disaster Recovery Act (H.R. 3702), requiring that new construction and rehabilitation funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery program (CDBG-DR) adhere to the latest building codes. The International Code Council worked closely with House leadership on the bill. The CDBG-DR program provides flexible funding to states and local governments to address unmet recovery needs related to housing, infrastructure and economic revitalization, focusing assistance toward low- and moderate-income communities. CDBG-DR is the largest post-disaster recovery program not operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Congress provided $35.4 billion for the program in response to the damage caused by Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey. Studies consistently show that adopting and applying up to date codes is one of the most effective mitigation measures a community can undertake, but according to FEMA, two-thirds of communities facing hazard risk have not adopted hazard resistant codes. This means that the safety and resilience requirements for federally supported reconstruction investments currently varies considerably. The Reforming Disaster Recovery Act addresses this challenge by establishing minimum standards for post-disaster rebuilding, ensuring all communities and their residents are provided with the same protections regardless of where they are located. The bill couples the code requirement with additional funding to train building officials, fire officials and the construction industry on the latest building codes. Click to read more.

House subcommittees hear testimony to reauthorize National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program

Just now, the U.S. House of Representatives' Subcommittees on Research and Technology and Environment held a hearing on the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program (NWIRP). The purpose of the program is to measurably reduce the loss of life and property from windstorms through an improved understanding of risks and impact. Ryan Colker, the Code Council's Vice President of Innovation and Executive Director of the Alliance for National and Community Resilience (ANCR), testified about the importance of reauthorizing this program with enough funding and longevity to meet its goals. Other witnesses included Dr. Scott Weaver, Director of the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program at NIST; Major General Lee Tafanelli, Kansas Adjutant General, Director of Kansas Homeland Security, and Director of Kansas Emergency Management; and Dr. Delong Zuo, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at National Wind Institute of Texas Tech University. Read more here.

Inaugural Emory R. Rodgers Fellowship winner is building and fire inspector Chris Landreth

Jumping in with both feet is a fundamental character trait displayed by Chris Landreth, recipient of the first annual Emory R. Rodgers Leadership in Building Safety Fellowship awarded by the Code Council. As the first Rodgers Fellow, Landreth will be using his award to attend a two-week intensive program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s prestigious Sloan School of Management to obtain an executive certificate in management and leadership. “I’ve always thought that I had an upward trajectory, so I keep looking for opportunities to improve my chances of continuing that upward trajectory,” Landreth, Supervising Building and Fire Inspector for the City of Tracy, Calif., said of why he applied for the fellowship. “I’ve only been in the building safety industry for about five years now. I have been trying to take every opportunity I can to improve myself and where my career is heading.” Click to read more.

ICC’s Past Presiding Officers offer special training webinar series to develop leadership qualities

If you aspire to hold a leadership role, have recently assumed one, or want to refresh your leadership skills, this leadership training has something for you. The Past Presiding Officers developed the series to help advance your career, skills and mindset to become the most effective leader you can be while developing a plan to get even better. Each webinar is $49 per Member:

The Learning Center at the International Code Council (ICC) provides additional training to building safety, fire, design, and construction professionals on how best to apply and enforce the codes. Stay on the leading edge of the industry while earning valuable CEUs and developing your professional skills.

Code Council opens its first overseas office in Dubai in strategic move to expand in important markets

ICC has established its first overseas office in Dubai to increase its presence in the international marketplace. The Dubai office provides the opportunity to build on the Code Council’s more than 25 years of work in building safety in the region. It will provide the organization with a local presence with partners and stakeholders and identify additional opportunities to provide products and services to building safety professionals in the region. “The Code Council has always been dedicated to promoting resiliency and safety in the built environment on a global scale,” said Judy Zakreski, the Code Council’s Vice President of Global Services. “The Dubai office, our first outside the United States, is an exciting step forward in our mission of expanding delivery of products and services internationally.”

Dominic Sims’ views on building safety and community resiliency are focus of Birmingham interview

An executive profile on the Code Council's Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO, in the Birmingham Business Journal discusses his views on the impact of building safety codes and standards in addressing natural disasters, the opportunities of educating communities about building safer buildings, and the priority of increasing building safety while reducing regulatory burdens. "With each and every hurricane, there's more and more evidence that newer codes and standards are having a real effect," Sims says. Read more from the Birmingham Business Journal news feature.

Code Council standards are under development by committees in series of public meetings

The International Code Council references almost 1,300 standards in its International Codes and has been re-accredited for its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard development activities under the ICC Consensus Procedures. The Code Council also develops a number of codes and standards, including mechanical, plumbing, structural, resilience, accessibility and green standards, and is accredited by ANSI as a standards developer. Click here to see the list of Code Council standards that are current, being revised or are under development. Click here to learn more about the standard development process as well as standard development policy and procedures and Standard Development and Consensus Committees.

ICC-ES publishes report on dowel-laminated timber (DLT) deck panels for roof and floor construction

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) recently announced publication of ICC ESR-4069 Evaluation Report for StructureCraft DowelLamTM dowel-laminated timber (DLT) deck panels for roof and floor construction. DowelLam is the first all-wood mechanically laminated mass timber panel in North America, providing architects, engineers and developers greater versatility in designing with mass timber. DowelLam deck mass timber panels are manufactured from dimension lumber mechanically laminated utilizing wood dowels. The panels provide optimal structural performance, carbon sequestration and the natural aesthetic of wood (where exposed) in the built environment. Click here to read more.

Seven recognized at Annual Conference as new Code Council Honorary Members

International Code Council members awarded Honorary Memberships to seven distinguished individuals for demonstrating outstanding service to the Code Council or one of the association’s legacy model code organizations. Dwayne Garriss, Jerry Mallory, Fulton Cochran, Dennis Hirsch, Mike Metcalf, Sarah Rice, and Richard Witt were awarded Honorary Memberships for demonstrating outstanding service to the Code Council. Click here to read more.

Got Pulse? In Episode 22, Dame Judith Hackitt discusses research of the infamous Grenfell Tower fire

Code Council Vice President of Global Services Judy Zakreski met with world renowned chemical engineer Dame Judith Hackitt to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire in London in 2017, the Hackitt Report and UK Regulatory System. Click here to listen.

Upcoming from the ICC Learning Center: Institutes, training, seminars, webinars, etc.

Online learning is available from the ICC Learning Center. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function. Single-day training events are an opportunity to focus on topics to ensure your code knowledge stays up to date, with some seminars offering a Virtual Classroom option so you can participate in the event from any location with an internet connection:

The following is the updated list of ICC Institutes and other training opportunities across the nation, many of which offer virtual options for those who cannot travel. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function:

Certification Test Academies feature interactive and question-based review for the exam. Students will receive a voucher to take the exam at a later date. Upcoming opportunities:

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